KLM - Inconvenient Ian (Concept Social Campaign)

KLM are one of the largest and oldest European airlines and a flagship brand within the Air France KLM group. KLM offer flights from more local airports than other airlines, making them the choice for convenience.

With the brand’s bold and often tongue in cheek media in mind, yesyesBD developed a concept online only campaign for KLM asking the question “who wouldn’t want a more convenient journey. We created a parody character, Ian, to highlight the ridiculous notion of someone who favoured the inconvenient, showing KLM as the obvious choice for travel. We positioned the campaign as a mockumentary following the life of Ian, our cantankerous protagonist, and his struggle to “Save the stress”.

The concept involved setting up parody social media channels for Ian’s ‘Save the Stress’ protest campaign, as well as a series of online videos ‘documenting’ the protest and an experiential element with Inconvenient Ian handing out protest flyers to the public and staging a one-man protest because involving others would be far too convenient.

  • Lead AgencyyesyesBD
  • ProductionAOO Studios
  • VideographyJody Moore