Ecliptic - Video Game

yesyesBD teamed up with game development company, Smashed Crab Studio, to create an educational game that aims to help students determine the best suited academic paths for a career in the digital sector.

‘Ecliptic’ was designed based on retro, arcade games using pixel art and 8-bit graphics for both the web platform and game. The game follows the structures of different career paths available within the digital sector including, Engineering, Creative, Marketing and Development. The levels of the game are focused on the different stages of each educational path and, similar to the real world of academia, the game play can change to reflect the different steps available within a path.

  • Lead AgencyyesyesBD
  • Game DevelopmentSmashed Crab Studios
  • Additional ContentStudio Mcgreal
  • Additional ArtworkJon Simpson
  • WebsiteEcliptic Game